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This week we are filling out fact sheets for the dinosaurs and then from those we write up a brief narration about the dinosaur, color the picture, and mark on the map where fossil evidence has been found. Another really easy way to start is to...

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Copywork is means of showing your child how a piece of literature should look and be written. When your child does copywork it is important that they not look at a word and copy one letter at time, but look at the whole word and write it. This...

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I used to keep separate jars with scripture verses, quotes, and poems and they would pull them out and that was their copywork for the day. We still alternate days doing a verse, quote, poem, literature and their choice for each day of the week. Although, like I mentioned before, some selections take more then one day. I bought the book on inventors and the notebook pages from you, but what do I do with them? How do we study the subject? Much of notebooking is having your kids narrate back what is read that day. The pages you purchased will be nice to have him copy his narration onto. Use the fact sheet to fill in the facts as you come to them or have him research the answers over the next few days. Once that is completed he could use it to write a report on the subject.

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If you have the inventors book you could just read through one or two sections a day and have him write about what you read. You can also do further study by checking out books from the library and utilizing the internet. The empty boxes provided on some pages are for illustrations, such as diagrams. The boxes could also be used to add quotes, maps of where the invention was introduced or the inventors birthplace. You might find a picture of a monument in his honor. If your son enjoys making models he could put something together that relates to what you are studying and add a picture of it to his page. One other thing about narration. I have an 8 year old who narrates to me as I write it on a separate piece of paper. If his narration is long, we decide together what the most important part of the narration was, and he writes it on the paper. I usually type it out for him. Although, he really enjoys typing and will sometimes type part of them out himself.

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Contact Notebook Quizzes A notebook quiz consists of ten problems that were assigned over the course of the chapter for homework. The student looks through his homework notebook and only his notebook, finds the given problem, and writes his answer to that problem on his notebook quiz. Notebook quizzes must be completed by the student and proctored by a parent. Purpose: To ensure students do their homework assignments as instructed and in an organized manner. To ensure students correct wrong homework answers. In doing so, they should learn the content correctly. Label all assignments from the text with either the section number or page number, or better yet, both. Both the section number and the page number will appear on each notebook quiz problem. Number all homework problems. Keep your homework organized in either a spiral notebook or three-ring binder. Have a system for keeping handouts organized as well.

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Your notebook may have pockets for loose papers, or you may want to get a small three-ring binder or folder, but be prepared to find answers from these papers on a notebook quiz as well. Correct any problem you miss. Ask questions at the beginning of class if you did not understand how to correct a homework problem that you missed. Be Encouraged: Notebook Quizzes are not to be feared. Such training will serve you very well in this class, in college, and in life. Therefore, as ye abound in every thing, in faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.

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Can I work offline in OneNote? If you temporarily disconnect from the Internet for any reason for example, while traveling on an airplane , you can keep working offline in the cached locally saved copy of the notes on your Mac. While you work offline, OneNote will warn you that it cannot sync the notebook. As soon as you reconnect to the Internet, OneNote will automatically sync your changes to the notebook on OneDrive.

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I used to get updates for OneNote, but they seem to have stopped. I thought this was possible? OneNote can extract the text it recognizes in pictures so you can paste it elsewhere in your notes or into another app , where you can edit and format the text as needed. If OneNote is still reading and converting the text in the image, wait a few moments and then try again. Learn more about copying text from pictures OCR. OneNote excludes the contents of password-protected sections from a notebook search in order to keep your protected notes secure. To include the pages in protected sections in a notebook search, you must first unlock those sections before searching.

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Note: OneNote automatically locks each password-protected section after a few minutes of inactivity. Be sure to initiate a notebook search immediately after unlocking your password-protected sections. Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is off before you apply or enter the correct password. If you recently changed the password for the affected section, try remembering and entering the password that you used previously to protect that section. Passwords to protect notebook sections in OneNote are not the same password you use to sign in to OneNote.

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Important: Unfortunately, if you forget your password, no one will be able to unlock your notes for you — not even Microsoft Technical Support. Learn more about password protection. Can I password-protect just a single page? You can apply passwords to individual notebook sections, but not to an individual page. However, you can create a new section in your notebook and then move the single page you want to protect into that new section before locking it with a password. For more information, see Move or copy notes in OneNote for Mac. Can I password-protect an entire notebook? You can apply passwords to individual notebook sections, one at a time, but not to all of the sections in the same notebook all at once. What can I do? You can send us feedback about our documentation by answering the short survey provided at the end of this article. View and post questions in the OneNote for Mac Community forums to get free technical assistance from experienced OneNote users and members of the OneNote product team.

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I was a teenager so proud of the mascara stains that trailed my cheeks. I was alive! And I was thereafter obsessed with the movie. That was then. How would I like it? It turns out, well, I would not. I would not like it at all. I am embarrassed that I fell for a tale about a stalker who likes the way a girl looks on a carnival ride, and so he spends the rest of his life pining for her, despite not appreciating anything else about her. How do I despise The Notebook? Let me count the ways. After she politely declines his overtures, he follows her onto a Ferris wheel and proceeds to dangle from the ride by one hand, threatening to slip unless Allie agrees to go on a date with him. I'm forced to yell, "This is bull! Once Allie and Noah get to talking, he insults her When they finally do get together, Allie opens up about her "strict schedule" of tutoring and music lessons, and Noah makes her feel insecure about not being as "free" as he believed.

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She laughs, because, ha, they nearly died. This is garbage that doesn't show how real, compatible humans fall in love. But the leads are so distractingly handsome, I didn't notice before. Noah and Allie don't actually like each other when they're not sucking face Noah and Allie spend a summer making out, yelling at each other for being annoying and learning that they have nothing in common. Noah writes Allie letters for days in a row that go unanswered, and in the years that follow, makes no friends and decides that the single thing he should do with his life is restore a house for a girl he can't stand. In fact, they rarely agreed on anything.

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And, frankly, just bad storytelling? Lon should be the hero of the story; instead he's the barrier While Allie is at college, Noah-less, she volunteers as a nurse's aide and meets Lon played by James Marsden , a charming man in a full body cast. Once Lon miraculously heals, Allie accepts his offer to go dancing without being threatened to do so. They embark on a relationship filled with mutual respect, admiration and fondness for one another. By the way, Lon is rich, which is depicted as a character flaw. What an offer of lifelong bliss!

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Probably because she confuses security with boredom, and mistakes verbal abuse for passion. Also: She thinks that the fact that she no longer paints is an indicator that she's unhappy in her relationship. Really, it might be an indicator that she doesn't actually like to paint. But the movie does far worse than that. It doesn't help that the film is tainted by recent news about its novelist. Noah literally says this about Allie: "When I see something that I like, well I go crazy for it. My teenage self deserved better. I must admit, the geriatric scenes still get me Full disclosure: I still teared up at the scenes where old Noah insists on reading to old Allie, who has dementia and little chance of remembering him. Darn it, that is romantic! It's just that this time, I understood my emotions as anger.

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It's not what you're thinking. I was serious when I said 'all of it'. I can remember every moment we were together, and in eachof them there was something wonderful. I can't really pick any one time that meant more than any other. The entire summer was perfect, the kind of summer everyone should have. How could I pick one moment over another? Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That's what it was like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt if you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has happened only once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory.

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View a FREE sample 1. What does Noah say of the people who live at the nursing home? Noah says that people can get used to anything, and the people at the nursing home, like him, have grown accustomed to being alone with only a television for company. Who is Noah best friend in New Bern in ? When he returns to New Bern after the war and begins restoring his house Noah meets a neighbor, a seventy-year-old black man, when Gus brings some alcohol and stew over to Noah's house. Noah and Gus spend a couple nights a week together talking and playing music on Noah's porch. What did Noah think of Allie when he first met her? Seeing Allie for the first time, Noah's impression was that she was pretty. Upon being introduced to her, Noah realized that she was the type of woman he could spend his life searching for but never find again.

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From the poem page: 1 What does the poet wish to get from the moon and why? Ans: The poet wishes to get a basketful of moonlight from the moon as he wants to sow seeds of moonlight on the sides of the path that leads from the city to his village. Ans: The road from the city to his village is dangerous because it is dark and full of snakes and scorpions. Also neither bus nor cart plies in that path. Ans: The poet wants his father home early so that he can hear fairy tales and stories from him. Ans: I spend my evening time with my family members by playing various games and watching television together.

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English Workshop: 1 Complete the following sentences with the help of the poem. Small moons Whole village Early morning 3 The child in the poem wants to solve the problems of his village. How can the child solve them with the following wishes? Answer in your notebook. Ans: The child can solve the problems of the village by taking seeds of moonlight and sowing them on sides of the path that leads from the city to his village. This way the whole path will light up and not be dark anymore. All villagers can return home early and spend more time with their children and families. Ans: The child wants to light the dark route so that his father returns early and spends more time with him. By lighting up the path, the villagers can come home quickly and spend more time with their families. Also the poet will be able to hear fairy tales and stories from his father.

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Ans: When my father returns home, I am asleep. Ans: I too want to hear fairy tales and stories from him. Ans: I want to light the dark route, so that my father returns early. Basketful, bucketful, hopeful, careful, dutiful, joyful, cheerful, grateful, delightful, wonderful, blissful, beautiful. Alliteration: O moon, give me moonlight. Basketful or two basket full. The route is tough and full of snakes and scorpions. Repetition: Small, small moons of light. Discuss about it with your partner and draft the letter using the poem as a basis for the letter. Supporting points:.

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Holidays Key Questions and Answers for Going Digital in Your Classroom What are your key questions for going digital in your classroom this school year? Are you planning on a blended learning environment? Did your district tell you that you and your students will be this September? Here we have the key questions and answers for going digital in your classroom. What is the next frontier in education? What will we see next? I went to a workshop on Google Drive. I loved it. I slowly started with some really great student centered apps on Chromebooks. Then, progressed to student surveys and collaborative notes. As a teacher author, I used Google drive to store files, share forms, and collaboration. In comes interactive notebooks. I love looking at the colorful pages, and I love the creativity and hands on learning it provides.

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Want to know the truth? Interactive notebooks are just not practical for my instruction for many reasons. But, I still loved them. Why would we want to use digital notebooks? Our students today want to use technology. They want opportunities to engage in personalized online learning. Students want to publish their writing and input their findings. Your most reluctant students will love being engaged in technology infused activities. When I first started implementing paperless activities I struggled with picturing it before even trying it. There are so many options today for infusing technology into your lessons. Technology is always evolving and so are our classrooms. Even for the advanced tech user, it can be really overwhelming to keep up with it all! Therefore, I compiled the most common questions I receive from educators right here in this post. Teachers create their digital notebooks and upload to their learning management system LMS.

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Please give me some advice and suggestions. There are also directions in the Google Drive Toolkit on how to create the flip book tabs as well. It is a great asset to help you transition into going digital in your classroom. There are contributing members creating amazing resources for the lower elementary grades, too. Members are free to post questions to the group or seek out members specifically for their grade range. Membership is contingent upon purchasing the Google Drive Toolkit. Members also have access to webinars featuring guest hosts. Do you have any suggestions? This will add it as a document to your Google Drive. To be better organized, you can create folders within Google Drive. I like to do this for a particular unit of study. If you want to save to a specific folder in your Drive, you can click and drag files in your drive to the appropriate folder.

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Are the digital notebook templates geared toward their standards also? The teacher customizes the digital activity to their own grade level as well as incorporating technology standards. I would like to create custom digital notebooks for my own classroom. I use Google Classroom and my students are with iPads. I teach younger students grades 1 and 2. Teachers are creating student centered activities for the iPad using the digital notebook templates. Is there a way to use a tech resource in hard copy form? Can I print them out blank and have the students complete them and add them to their interactive notebooks?

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They can be printed and added to their own interactive notebooks. A great tip is to create all digital resources as 8. Students with special needs will likely require an option for print and on occasion, students want their completed assessments printed to study from. Do they look as good in Microsoft OneNote? I would love to use the Google Drive resources, but my school will be using Microsoft Classroom next year, so I feel I need to utilize that.

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You can create digital notebooks using the digital notebook templates. The digital notebook templates can be downloaded and exported easily to Microsoft OneDrive. And, they look even better! Microsoft OneNote has really great interactive features that foster more engagement. I am wondering what they will actually look on an iPad. How exactly will students interact with them? Have people used them on the iPad before? They look no different than if you were to use them on a laptop or a desktop computer. In my opinion, I love how it looks on an iPad. The colors are very vibrant and the Google App is easy to work in. Any suggestions? Here are your steps to sharing one or two pages at a time: 1.

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Share one page at a time with your students instead of an entire digital notebook 2. Save the file to your Google Drive. Make a copy. Name the copy whatever you want to focus on your task. Then, delete all the pages you are not using for that lesson. You should only have the pages left that you are using for that lesson. Will this work with Blackboard? I have used interactive notebooks for years and digital notebooks sound awesome! It is an awesome file storage space and synchronization service.

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Teachers can connect their Google Drive teaching lessons to the top education apps. Do you think this will be helpful for high school math? My school will reimburse me. There are great Google add-ons for equations and graphing. It is important to collaborate with math teachers who are successfully creating for the Google Drive teaching resources. Learning from each other is your best source for strategies. Will I be able to edit the slides for what we are doing specifically in class? One of the best reasons to use digital task cards is that they can be modified for any level, just by changing the pace of using them in the classroom. One of the best perks of using the digital task cards is that you do not have to worry about storage, cutting, or laminating.

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It is also really annoying to have a student lose one of the cards during the school day. Students can work directly in the task card file, record their answers in a doc on their drive, or on a separate notebook page. Will students be able to save a document just with their answers? Once uploaded, your students can then save a copy of the original file to their drive just for their answers. We use Google Classroom daily. Do I share the different activities and have them submit there? Do your students create their own folder to manage different tasks or units? Is it just one shared drive?

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The students log into their account and save a copy of the notebook to their drive. The students work through the digital notebook and can upload back through the LMS. Within their Drive, they can create specific folders to keep their digital digital notebooks organized. There you have it! Fifteen questions and answers to get you started with digital notebooks.

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Answer: To get the building plans approved Noah needs to get his building plans approved so he can begin to restore the mansion. While on a bus in Charleston, Noah catches a glimpse of Allie and immediately gets off to find her. Then to confirm his fate, he finds her kissing Lon. Question by author ldybas. Answer: Walt Whitman Noah's father told Allie that he made Noah read Whitman's poetry all the time because of his stuttering problem.

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He said that he couldn't understand a word that Noah said until he started reading poetry. Noah was very embarrassed that his father was talking about his stuttering problem in front of the girl he liked. As time went by, Noah's speech greatly improved with every reading. From Quiz: The Notebook click to play it. Question by author URAbooger. Answer: Paint Allie loved to paint. However, she only seemed to paint when she was around Noah. She felt like a completely different person around Lon. Question by author Cheeko Answer: Anne We learn this when Allie's parents are hosting a dinner, and Allie's mother is questioning Noah and Allie about their relationship. Allie's father tells her mother that the conversation is like the Spanish Inquisition. Question by author Karolina The war widow realizes how special Allie is to Noah. How does she describe Allie to Noah?

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Answer: "She's sensational. Question by author redsoxbabe Answer: fancy Noah is talking to Allie after her big fight with her parents. He's trying to tell her that they are two very different people. He's very nicely trying to break up with her, even though he doesn't want to. How much does Noah say he earns? Answer: 40 cents an hour Noah says that it's not too much, but he doesn't need many things and saves most of it. Most of the money goes to fix up a house that he always dreamed of making his own. Her parents did not think fondly of Noah because he was of no stature and just a simpleton. Answer: 's This movie was set in the 's. All the characters in the movie dressed as if they would have lived in that time period. The signs in the windows of stores were changed to look like the prices of things so long ago.

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Answer: 3 Allie and Noah have 3 children together. They come to visit Noah and Allie at the nursing home, however Allie doesn't know who they are. Answer: I'll Be Seeing You The first time they dance together it is sung by Billie Holiday, and then when they dance at the assisted living home it is sung by Jimmy Durante. Answer: Davony This is from the scene when Allie and Noah's children and grandchildren come to visit.

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The look on Allie's face shows she is familiar with the name. This supports Noah's theory that the little things will spark Allie's memory and make her come back. Answer: November He died in November, and basically left Noah by himself to finish the work on the house. Answer: The Windsor Plantation The house was built in and was rumored to have been the place that Francis Marrion proposed to his wife. The house was all in shambles, but Noah made the setting nice with a few lit candles. He told Allie that one day he was going to buy it and fix it up. Allie told Noah that she wanted a white house with blue shutters, a great big porch around the house, and a room overlooking the water so she could paint. Answer: Lon Hammond Allie met Lon while the country was at war; she was a nurse who attended aid to Lon while he was in a full body cast.

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Lon proposed to Allie at a dance club and she said yes. During this encounter, Anne gives Allie all of the letters that Noah had written her after they left town. Answer: Charleston When Allie's mother is questioning Noah and Allie about what will happen between them after the summer is over, Noah replies that Charleston is only two hours away. Hamilton know Allie better than she thinks? Answer: A similar situation happened to her when she was younger.

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Hamilton's father didn't approve of their love so they ran away, but they didn't even make the next town before the cops picked them up. Allie's parents did not approve of Noah either, and ultimately split them up before fate brought them back together. After her mother's confession, Allie realizes that even though Lon would be a smart match, she might end up in a relationship like her parents. Answer: Quail Ridge She's the woman who slept with Noah over the years. They both used each other to comfort themselves in their misery. She lived in the next town, so everything was convenient. Answer: Lon Hammond She first met Lon while working as a nurse at a hosptial for war patients. He then later courted her for awhile, and eventually proposed. He was handsome, smart, funny, charming, and most of all rich.

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Her parents loved everything about him. He had everything to offer her and more. Answer: a bird Allie wanted to be a bird because she thought that it would be cool to fly above other people. She wanted Noah to be a bird too. Allie realizes that Noah is her soulmate. Answer: blue When Noah tells Allie that he plans to buy and restore the plantation, she tells him that she wants the house to be white with blue shutters. She also wants the house to have a wrap-around porch and a room overlooking the water where she can paint. In the commentary for the movie Nick says "Hi Mom" as older Allie is shown through the window in the opening scene. Gena has been an actress for 50 years and has starred in such movies as "Something To Talk About" , "Gloria" , and "Taking Lives" Answer: Old Seabrook Home Fully Restored Allie saw Noah's picture for the first time in seven years during the fitting for her wedding dress. She fainted because she thought that she would never hear of him again.

NOTEBOOK: How questions and answers frame ISU’s success, winning close games and more

Lon Hammond Jr. On Thursday, Ingrid Michaelson announced that she will write the songs for a forthcoming musical based on the movie, which is itself based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. I challenge Michaelson, Brunstetter, and everyone else involved in the production questlons remedy this situation for me, my colleagues some of whom feel the same way I doand James Marsden fans everywhere: Clear Lon Hammond Jr. Give him an anguished solo song when he lets Allie go. For the uninitiated, The Notebook is a Sparksian love story about Noah played in the film by Ryan Qyestions and Noebook played by Rachel McAdamstwo teens from different tax brackets who fall in love one summer.

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Because she thinks Noah has gotten over her, Allie moves on with her life, and becomes a nurse to help the war effort; during her service, she helps care for a completely bandaged soldier who is later revealed to be the very hot and very rich Lon Hammond Jr. Allie falls in love with Lon, the notebook questions and answers asks her to marry him, and she says yes … but then she reads a newspaper article about Noah building her the house of her dreams. We are conditioned to root for Allie and Noah from the outset, even if Noah coerces her into dating him by threatening his own life on a ferris wheel, negs her incessantly on their first date, and spends a good portion of his adult life restoring a literal plantation. They also fight — a lot!

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That seems unhealthy to me but we are told that all of this is okay, and romantic, even. Theirs is the big, sweeping, dramatic love story. Despite the fact that Lon was nice and neutral and a generally Good Guy, James Marsden himself has even been the target of some notevook fixated vitriol for the mere crime of playing a guy with terrible timing. You are the asshole in that movie. Give James Marsden his peace! And sure, yes, Noah is a bird because Allie is a bird and they get married and fight some more and have a big old family together.

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Her life with Lon, however, would have likely been … dare I say healthier? Lon deserves his redemption. Lon deserved better. Stay in touch.

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What did we do well? How can we continue to improve? So far, the No. Can you keep evaluating? Can you check ego at the door and continue to pound away at your craft? Brock Purdy and Breece Hall started in a fast-paced but tense touchdown drive to surge head. Then with remaining, the defense sealed it thanks to a handful of clutch plays, a Latrell Bankston sack, and questoons yard field goal that drifted just wide left. ISU went in games decided by seven or fewer points in — and three of those losses came by a combined four points. This season, the Cyclones are in such games — and asking and answering key questions after each triumph or travail has paved the way for that reversal of fortunes. Somebody will and some team will and some team will have a chance to reach their full potential down the line. So far, so good, but the Mountaineershave been navigating serious Q and A sessions, as well, and boast talent and toughness across all position groups.

James Marsden’s ‘The Notebook’ Character Deserved Better

West Virginia allows a Big low Quarterback Jarret Doege ranks second in the conference in passing yards per game More questions, more answers. Just as it should the notebook questions and answers. Guess which one ISU trails in? Yeah, the first one. And I said this quite often, I think coach Dave Andrews, his strength and conditioning staff, did a phenomenal job coming up with a game plan of making sure each of our student-athletes had a plan for what they had at home to be successful and give them a blueprint, but ultimately our kids had to do it.

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His answer? I really felt anssers the leadership and character of this team and it has been incredible. A lot of that showed in the guts they had with the ability to get ready noyebook a short week to be able to play four quarters and with their backs against the wall, they showed who they were.

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