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Example Answer I think the most difficult part of being a nurse is when I have a patient that is very unhappy, or in a lot of pain, and I can't comfort them to the degree I'd like to. Expand 2. Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team? What...

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Walk through the steps you'd take. You can use examples from past work experience if you'd like. Example Answer I would listen sympathetically to the patient's complaint, and reassure him that his concerns were being heard and that we were doing...

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Expand 5. How do you respond when family members ask for your personal diagnosis? What They Want to Know: By asking this question, the interviewer wants to access your boundaries and to find out if you know how to respond appropriately. Example Answer Unless it's my role to diagnose, I wouldn't do so. But, I would try to dig in a bit and figure out why the patient's family member was inquiring. Does the person need some validation? Did the doctor not explain the prognosis clearly? I'd seek to be helpful and share important information without stepping outside of my role.

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Expand 6. What interests you about working here? What They Want to Know: Anytime interviewers ask this question, they are seeking to determine if you understand and value the healthcare institution. Essentially, interviewers want to know if you want this particular job or any job at all. Example Answer I'm impressed with the model here, and the collaborative spirit on the team. Just by sitting in the waiting room, it's clear to me that this practice has a patient-first priority. Expand More Answers: Why do you want to work here? Why did you choose nursing as a career? What They Want to Know: As you share what drew you to nursing, look for opportunities to highlight characteristics that make you a good fit for the field.

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Example Answer Nurses have such a powerful role in the hospital. I saw that first-hand when I was young and had a family member in the hospital, and it made me determined to pursue the career. Helping people during a difficult moment is tremendously meaningful to me. Expand More Answers: Why did you choose nursing as a career?

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How do you handle stress on the job? What They Want to Know: Stressful moments are inevitable for healthcare professionals. Acknowledge the stress, but keep the focus of your response on your coping mechanisms. Example Answer In the moment, I don't tend to feel the stress. I'm too intent on providing care for the patient, and offering support to the doctors and team around me. Later, though, sometimes it hits me. My strategy is to go for a hard workout when the stress doesn't dissipate over time. Expand More Answers: How do you handle stress at work? How would you deal with a doctor who was rude? What They Want to Know: This question can reveal if you're a complainer or have a bad attitude.

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Make sure to keep your response reasonable and positive now's not the time to badmouth a colleague. Example Answer Everyone has bad days. If the rudeness is a one-time occurrence, I'd let it go. If something major happens, or if it's repeated, I'd reach out to my supervisor. My concern would be that perhaps the doctor was being rude not because of a bad day, but because of dissatisfaction with my work. Expand More Answers: How would you handle a rude doctor? What do you find most rewarding about being a nurse? What They Want to Know: This is a lead-in for you to talk about your strengths as a nurse. Maybe it's about helping patients, keeping doctors on task, or working with a particular demographic.

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Question three. What Is Qmake? Answer : qmake is a utility that automates the era of Makefiles. Makefiles are used by the program make to build executable applications from supply code; therefore qmake is a make-makefile tool, or makemake for quick. Instead, qmake creates local make files to your cutting-edge platform. Under linux it creates wellknown GNU make documents, beneath home windows it could generate visible studio make documents, underneath Mac OS X it can generate XCode project files. Question 4. What Is Qt And Qml? Answer : Qt is a pass-platform software framework. QtQuick 1. X changed into Qt4. QtQuick 2. X changed into introduced with Qt5. With Qt5. Answer : Qt's meta-object gadget affords the alerts and slots mechanism for inter-object communique, run-time type information, and the dynamic property gadget.

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The meta-item system is based on three things: The QObject magnificence presents a base magnificence for items that may take advantage of the meta-object gadget. The Meta-Object Compiler moc resources every QObject subclass with the important code to put into effect meta-item functions. Android Interview Questions Question 6. Answer : No, elegance template cannot have sign slot. Can not be treated by using moc. Question 7. What Are Limitations Of Moc? The fundamental trouble is that elegance templates can't have indicators or slots. What Is Qvariant? Answer : QVariant is a field of variables. It can save variables of various sorts. But it affords You records approximately the stored type. It can be used as an example to go back specific types of values from a feature. Question 9. What Is Qt Creator? Answer : Qt Creator presents a pass-platform, whole incorporated development surroundings IDE for software developers to create programs for a couple of laptop, embedded, and cell device platforms, which include Android and iOS.

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It is available for Linux, mac-OS and Windows operating systems. What Is Qt Widgets? Answer : Widgets are the fundamental building blocks for graphical user interface GUI programs constructed with Qt. Each GUI thing e. Buttons, labels, textual content editor is a widget that is positioned somewhere inside a user interface window, or is displayed as an impartial window. Each kind of widge is furnished by way of a subclass of QWidget, that is itself a subclass of QObject. QWidget isn't an abstract magnificence. It can be used as a box for different widgets, and it may be subclassed with minimal attempt to create new, custom widgets. QWidget is frequently used to create a window inside which different QWidgets are positioned. As with QObjects, QWidgets can be created with figure objects to indicate possession, ensuring that items are deleted while they may be now not used.

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With widgets, those parent-toddler relationships have a further meaning: Each infant widget is displayed within the display screen vicinity occupied via its parent widget. This method that whilst you delete a window widget, all the infant widgets it consists of also are deleted. Software Engineering Tutorial Question What Is Moc meta Object Compiler? Among different matters, meta-item code is needed for the signals and slots mechanism, the run-time type records, and the dynamic property machine.

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Answer : QWidget is the determine class to all widgets push button,line Edit,label like that. IOS Tutorial Question What Is Qml? Question Like below: onClicked: determine. Answer : Through setcontext property. Loading a major. Qml with a simple Item as the root kind via the QqmlApplicationEngine will now not show some thing to your show, as it calls for a window to control a surface for rendering. The engine is able to loading qml code which does not contain any user interface e. G undeniable objects. Because of this it does now not create a window for you by way of default. The qmlscene or the new qml runtime will internally first take a look at if the primary qml file carries a window as a root item and if not create one for you and set the root object as a infant to the newly created window.

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What is your favorite data management tool at the moment? How to Answer This question offers an excellent opportunity for you to discuss the tools that you use in the workplace, and also to learn about new tools of which you may not be aware. Discuss which data management tools are your favorite at this time and if you are comfortable, as the interviewer about theirs in return. Answer Example "There are many amazing tools available for data management, and new options coming out all the time. It is a powerful business analytics service, and I love the interactive visualizations and intelligence capabilities. I love to learn about new choices in data management tools.

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Could you share with me your current favorite? How to Answer This is an opportunity to share your analytical experience as it relates to email marketing tools. Talk about your understanding of email marketing analytics and the importance of measuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Whether your experience includes utilizing analytical tools within email marketing platforms or troubleshooting these tools Answer Example "Analytics is an incredibly important aspect of email marketing, as it reveals if a company's efforts are producing the desired results.

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Most, if not all, email marketing tools have an analytics component. This may include predefined reports, interactive tools or both. Through my previous projects, I have had opportunities to utilize some of these analytics tools. In many cases, I have How to Answer The interviewer would like to dig deeper into your true areas of interest when it comes to the health care industry. They want to know that your passions align well with what UnitedHealth Group is offering. Talk to the interviewer about the areas of health care you would like to focus on most, and then tie that information in with what the position at UnitedHealth Group would be offering you. Answer Example "If I could expand my expertise in any health care service area I would choose a role that had the most impact on patient lives. This is one of the reasons I have applied with your company. I feel that your focus will be a great fit with my long-term career goals. How to Answer Interviewers ask this question to gain a better understanding of your education and the challenges you faced during your time at school.

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When answering this question, think back to your school days and focus on a subject that you found tested your abilities the most, and was difficult for you to grasp. Interviewers want to know why you found it challenging and how you have improved in this area. I have always found it difficult to grasp this subject and my knowledge of the topic was limited and hard for me to understand. This was the one class I struggled with, and therefore I took additional studies outside of school to further my knowledge and prepare me for my exams.

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No matter what level. No matter what job. We've got you covered. Do you ever wonder what to say when asked, "What is your biggest weakness? That's why we are here, to prepare you with the answers that you need.

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View answer The only difference between a class and struct are the access modifiers. Struct members are public by default; class members are private. It is good practice to use classes when you need an object that has methods and structs when you have a simple data object. What will the line of code below print out and why? Rather, the answer which will surprise many is , assuming 32 bit integers. So when the two operands are, as in our example, 25u unsigned int and 50 int , the 50 is promoted to also being an unsigned integer i. Moreover, the result of the operation will be of the type of the operands. Therefore, the result of 25u - 50u will itself be an unsigned integer as well.

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So the result of converts to when promoted to being an unsigned integer. What is the error in the code below and how should it be corrected? What will i and j equal after the code below is executed? Explain your answer. When these operators precede a variable, the value of the variable is modified first and then the modified value is used. However, when these operators follow a variable, the unmodified value of the variable is used and then it is incremented or decremented. Assuming buf is a valid pointer, what is the problem in the code below? What would be an alternate way of implementing this that would avoid the problem? Therefore, since sz is unsigned, it can never be less than zero so the condition can never be true.

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Is there any advantage of one vs. This is because the post-increment operator i. The underlying implementation of the post-increment operator makes a copy of the element before incrementing it and then returns the copy. That said, many compilers will automatically optimize the first option by converting it into the second. It should return true when class C is derived from class P and false otherwise. It should compare class A and B and return false when they are different classes and true if they are the same class. View answer Although you can call an inline function from within itself, the compiler may not generate inline code since the compiler cannot determine the depth of recursion at compile time.

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A compiler with a good optimizer can inline recursive calls till some depth fixed at compile-time say three or five recursive calls , and insert non-recursive calls at compile time for cases when the actual depth gets exceeded at run time. The class A destructor will throw another exception during the exception handling, which will cause program to crash. This question is testing if developer has experience working with exceptions. The method should be cross-platform compatible and not depend on sizeof int, bool, string. Create another class which has all the members of Something in the same order, but has additional public method which returns the value. Note: If it turns out that the alignment of the external library is mismatched to your code, you can resolve this using pragma pack. Implement a void function F that takes pointers to two arrays of integers A and B and a size N as parameters.

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It then populates B where B[i] is the product of all A[j] where j! While there are simpler solutions available ones that would ignore the need to take 0 into account , that simplicity has a price of complexity, generally running significantly slower. When you should use virtual inheritance? How many times will this loop execute? However, since i was declared as an unsigned char, the corrct answer is that this code will result in an infinite loop. However, since i is an unsigned char, it is rerepsented by an 8-bit value which, after reaching , will overflow so it will go back to 0 and the loop will therefore go on forever.

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At JobInterviewTools. I get requests all the time for free interview answer samples. So I created this page and listed with text right out of my interviewing guide. The guide is filled with many more questions and answers just like this. Every question in the guide is first explained and shows multiple answers for each question. I like to give a variety of answers to these questions so you can get a better idea of how to form your own answer.

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What do you consider your most significant weaknesses? I have never enjoyed this question as it basically forces you to tell the interviewer something negative about yourself. A good way to turn this question around and turn a weakness into a strength is the best way to answer this question. Best answer: 1. This is a team player question and is asked to see how open and willing you are to being asked or told what to do. Are you someone who can follow directions? Can you accept criticism? Or, are you the type of person who does not like being told what to do or being criticized? Sometimes, my boss may have time to explain what is needed in detail and other times she may only have a minute. I prefer the detailed version, but I can make it work either way.

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I know my boss is busy and I want her to be able to get on with her job as she does not need to babysit me. This is another top 10 question that you can surely expect to hear in any interview. Prepare yourself and make sure you can rattle off three to five of your strengths as it relates to your past or present job, work experience, and the requirements for the job for which you are interviewing. Relate your strengths to the job for which you are applying. Keep it short and move on. I am motivated, disciplined, and focused and am determined to get my job done well and on time. I deliver what I promise. They are merely cheap attempts to get you to their site in hopes you will click on some advertising links. I want you to know that my free interview answers are real answers that I have published in the Complete Interview Answer Guide.

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