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Note that the G in G1 represents gap and the 1 represents first, so the G1 phase is the first gap phase. S phase: The period during which DNA is synthesized. In most cells, there is a narrow window of time during which DNA is synthesized. Note that...

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Note that the G in G2 represents gap and the 2 represents second, so the G2 phase is the second gap phase. In the latter part of interphase, the cell still has nucleoli present. The nucleus is bounded by a nuclear envelope and the cell's chromosomes...

Meiosis, part 2 - Modeling Crossing Over

Once movement is complete, each pole has a haploid number of chromosomes. In most cases, cytokinesis the division of the cytoplasm occurs at the same time as telophase I. At the end of telophase I and cytokinesis, two daughter cells are produced, each with one-half the number of chromosomes of the original parent cell. Depending on the kind of cell, various processes occur in preparation for meiosis II. There is, however, a constant: The genetic material does not replicate again. At the end of telophase I of meiosis, the cell enters into prophase II. Prophase II In prophase II of meiosis, the following events occur: The nuclear membrane and nuclei break up while the spindle network appears. At the end of prophase II of meiosis, the cell enters into metaphase II.

Meiosis Reading Comprehension Education

At the end of metaphase II of meiosis, the cell enters into anaphase II. Spindle fibers not connected to chromatids lengthen and elongate the cell. They are referred to as daughter chromosomes. At the end of anaphase II, each pole contains a complete compilation of chromosomes. Following anaphase II of meiosis, the cell enters into telophase II. Cytokinesis division of the cytoplasm and the formation of two distinct cells occurs. At the end of meiosis II, four daughter cells are produced.

Meiosis Reading

Each cell has one-half the number of chromosomes as the original parent cell. These cells have one half the number of chromosomes as the original cell. Only sex cells are produced by meiosis. Other cell types are produced by mitosis. When sex cells unite during fertilization , these haploid cells become a diploid cell. Diploid cells have the full complement of homologous chromosomes. Bailey, Regina. Overview of the Stages of Meiosis.

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Ch. 10 Study Guide Answer Key

This question serves as a great way to lead students into a quick review. Ultimately, look for students to be able to communicate that haploid cells are significant because organisms require chromosomes from both parents and the haploid number in the sex cells allows the chromosome number to remain the same. The Guided Practice activity will serve as a more complete review later in the lesson. The animation serves primarily as an aid to help students visualize the crossing over process so that they will be better equipped to complete the hands-on modeling activity that will follow. Share a brief animation, Meiosis: Crossing-Over. Be prepared to stop the video clip at different points to ask questions: What does sister mean in this context?

Unit 4-MBio

What is a dyad? What is a tetrad? Look for students to identify that sister means that the chromatids are a part of the same chromosome, with the same traits coded on each. Having seen the images of a dyad and tetrad in the video clip, students should also be able to explain that dyad means 1 pair of homologous chromosomes that result when a tetrad divides and tetrad means 2 homologous chromosomes. Guided Practice 10 minutes Display the crossing over diagram. Distribute Crossing over diagrams and markers to students.

Meiosis. High School Biology Worksheets and Answer keys, Vocabulary Sets.

Instruct students to select two color markers for the assignment and color each of the 2 chromosomes a different color. Allow them to work independently before sharing an example of the color pattern for the 2 chromosomes. Using an LCD projector and interactive pad, guide students in the completion of the diagram.

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Lead a discussion of each of the 9 numbered places where responses are needed on the diagram. Ask questions that will lead students to identify the correct responses to each: Item 1- These two chromosomes code for the same trait at the same place but are from two different parent organisms. What can we label item 1? Item 2- What do we call the point of attachment between two chromatids?

Content practice b lesson 2

Items 3 and 4- One chromosome is from a male and the other from a female. What can we label items 3 and 4? What makes these chromatids sister? Item 8-Notice the arrows. This entire diagram represents what? Item 9- Variation means what? Walk around to ensure that students are adding the correct information to their diagrams. Explain that students will need to refer to this diagram during the modeling of crossing over during the Independent Practice that will follow.

Overview of the Stages of Meiosis

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You can use them as part of their mark, as a bonus so it's not mandatory, etc. However you choose to use it, it will ensure that your students are always busy and never idle. Note: For stronger classes, I give the word scramble and for weaker ones, the word search. Each station is specially designed to be a unique complement to the material while at the same time, provide a valuable learning experience.

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Below is an overview of how each station works. In your activity, each will be tailored to the specific content. Station 1: Get Hands-On — using their creative skills, students are required to draw or build. Station 3: Explain yourself — students write down an opinion to a question in paragraph form. Station 4: Rest Station - students can use this time to catch up on work they didn't have time to complete at a previous station or prepare themselves for an upcoming one. Station 5 - Applicability reading — students read a short passage from an article, website, etc. Station 7: Learn from the expert — using a classroom computer or their own device, students must watch a short video clip and answer the associated questions.

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They may stop, rewind and restart as often as they like during the time frame. Station 8 - Rest Station. Students must also supply the answers.

meiosis diagram

Label the diagrams below. Use these choices: anaphase I prophase I 1. Prophase I: nuclear membrane breaks down; nucleolus disappears; centrioles begin to migrate to opposite sides of the cell; spindle fibers begin to form; homologous chromosomes form; crossing over occurs c. Metaphase I: homologous chromosomes are lined up down the middle of the cell d. Telophase I: nuclear membrane reforms, nucleolus reappears; spindle fibers disappear; cell divides in 2 f. Prophase II: nuclear membrane breaks down; nucleolus disappears; centrioles begin to migrate to opposite sides of both cells; spindle fibers begin to form; sister chromatids form g. Metaphase II: sister chromatids are lined up down the middle of both cells.

Mitosis Meiosis And Fertilization Packet Answers

Telophase II: nuclear membrane reforms in the 4 cells, nucleolus reappears; spindle fibers disappear; cell divides into 4 genetically different cells What stage of meiosis will the cell go from diploid 2n to haploid n? What is fertilization? What is crossing over? Draw a picture. Crossing over is the exchange of genetic material between 2 homologous chromosomes Explain how crossing over causes genetic variation. Creates different combinations of genes on chromosomes How many chromosomes are in a typical human body cell? How many chromosomes are in a typical egg or sperm cell? What is the role of the spindle fibers? To move the chromosomes around the cell to allow meiosis to take place Complete the table by checking the correct column s for each description. Description Mitosis Meiosis X Involved in the production of gametes X Involved in growth and repair X Promotes genetic variation in organisms Consists of one nuclear division X Produces daughter cells that are genetically identical X Involves two sets of nuclear divisions X Produces daughter cells that are not identical X Results in four haploid gametes X Write the term or phrase that best completes each statement.

Cell Cycle And Mitosis Study Guide

Use these choices: cross-pollination recessive dominant self-fertilization gametes trait inherited 1. Describe heterozygous. Explain why sexual reproduction is better in a frequently changing environment. When the environment is changing having the greatest genetic diversity ensures that members of the population will survive. What is phenotype? The observable expression of a trait. What is genotype? The allele pairs of an organism Mendelian law stating that a random distribution of alleles occurs during the formation of gametes. Mendelian law stating that 2 alleles for each trait separate during meiosis. In your textbook, read about Punnett squares. Complete the Punnett square by filling in the missing information. A student crossed true-breeding pea plants that had purple flowers P with true-breeding pea plants that had white flowers p. All of the offspring had purple flowers. Then the student crossed two plants from the F1 generation.

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What information should the student put in each blank? Remember, the dominant allele is always written first. Possible gametes PP Pp In your textbook, read about the inheritance of traits and Punnett squares. Use each of the terms below only once to complete the passage. Possible gametes Ry RY RRyy round, green RrYY RrYy round, yellow round, yellow RrYy round, yellow Rryy round, green RrYy rrYY rrYy round, yellow wrinkled, yellowwrinkled, yellow Refer to the Punnett square above.

Animal Cell Meiosis

Respond to the following statement. Find the probability that a wrinkled, green seed will result. Match the definition in Column A with the term in Column B. Column A Column B C Drosophila melanogaster C. Crossing over occurs more frequently between genes that are close together on a chromosome. Gene linkage was first studied by using garden peas. Scientists call a drawing like the one shown above a chromosome map.


What are the stages that make up mitosis? Mitosis is divided into four stages: prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. What are centrioles? In which types of cells are they found? Centrioles are tiny cylindrical structures made of nine microtubule triplets. They appear in pairs in cells. Centrioles are involved in the production of the cytoskeleton and of cilia and flagella. In cell division, they play a role in the formation of aster fibers. Centrioles are structures present in animal cells, in most protists and in some primitive fungi.


There are no centrioles found in the cells of higher plants and, in general, plant cells are considered to not have centrioles although this is not entirely correct, since some plants have centriole-containing cells. The region where the centrioles are found is called the centrosome of the cell. What are the main events of the first stage of mitosis? The first stage of mitosis is called prophase. During prophase, the following events occur: the migration of each centriole pair centrioles were duplicated in interphase to opposite cell poles; the formation of aster around the centriole pairs; the formation of spindle fibers between the two centriole pairs; the end of chromosome condensation; the disintegration of the nucleolus; the breaking down of the karyotheca; the dispersion of condensed chromosomes in the cytoplasm; and the binding of chromosomes to spindle fibers.

Cell Division Review - Image Diversity: mitosis prophase What is the mitotic apparatus? The mitotic apparatus is a set of aster fibers and spindle fibres. Aster fibers are radial structures around each centriole pair. Spindle fibers are fibers that extend across the cell between the two centriole pairs located at opposite cell poles. The mitotic apparatus appears in prophase and plays an important role in the orientation and holding of chromosomes and other cellular elements, so as to cause them to separate and migrate to opposite cell poles. Substances that prevent the formation of the mitotic apparatus, such as colchicine, a molecule that binds to tubulin molecules and prevents the synthesis of microtubules, interrupt cell division. Colchicine is used to study chromosomes, since it paralyzes mitosis when chromosomes are condensed, making them easier to view under a microscope. What are the main events of the second stage of mitosis?

Meiosis - 7 Lab Station Activities

The second stage of mitosis is called metaphase. During metaphase, the following events occur: condensed chromosomes bind in their centromere region to the spindle fibers and become concentrated in the middle of the cell; and the formation of the mitotic apparatus is completed. Metaphase ends with the breaking of the bond between identical chromatids. It is followed by anaphase. Cell Division Review - Image Diversity: mitosis metaphase What are the main events of the third stage of mitosis? The third stage of mitosis is called anaphase. During anaphase, the following events occur: centromeres are duplicated and identical chromatids are separated; identical chromatids are drawn to each pole of the cell by the spindle fibers; and chromosomes begin to decondense. Cell Division Review - Image Diversity: mitosis anaphase During mitotic anaphase, which are separated, homologous chromosomes or identical chromatids? During the anaphase stage of mitosis, identical chromatids separate while complete pairs of homologous chromosomes continue to exist in each daughter cell.

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The separation of homologous chromosomes occurs during the anaphase I stage of meiosis. What are the main events of the last stage of mitosis? The last stage of mitosis is called telophase. During telophase, the following events occur: chromosomes, each set located at opposite poles of the cell, are decondensed; the karyotheca is formed around each set of chromosomes, forming two nuclei; the mitotic apparatus is destroyed; the nucleoli reappear; and cytokinesis the division of cytoplasm to ultimately separate the new cells begins. Cell Division Review - Image Diversity: mitosis telophase What is the name given to the division of the cytoplasm at the end of mitosis? How is this process different in plant and animal cells? The division of the cytoplasm occurs after telophase and is called cytokinesis. In animal cells, an invagination of the plasma membrane toward center of the cell appears at the equator of the parent cell and then the cell is trapped in that region and divided into two daughter cells.

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This type of division is called centripetal cytokinesis from outside. In plant cells, cytokinesis is not centripetal since the division happens from the inside. Membranous sacs full of pectin concentrate in the internal central region of the cell, pushing themselves outwards toward the plasma membrane. The pectin-containing sacs fuse themselves and form a central structure called the phragmoplast. Cellulose is deposited on the phragmoplast and a true cell wall is created to separate the daughter cells. The process of cytokinesis in plant cells is called centrifugal cytokinesis. The phragmoplast contains flaws, or pores, that permit cytoplasmic communication between the daughter cells.

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These openings are called plasmodesms. Why is it important for chromosomes to be condensed during mitosis and decondensed during interphase? During mitosis, the main problem is the correct separation of chromosome sets between daughter cells. If chromosomes were decondensed, long tiny fibers of DNA would be dispersed in cytoplasm after the karyotheca is broken and chromosomes could not be easily organized and moved by the spindle fibers. During interphase, the function of chromosomes, or rather, of DNA molecules, is the synthesis of RNA and therefore proteins. For this task, it is necessary for functional molecular regions to be decondensed these regions form the euchromatin. Furthermore, during interphase, DNA replication occurs to prepare for cell division. Ploidy in Mitosis What is the variation in the quantity of genetic material within the cell during the phases of the cell cycle?

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