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How much does it cost to take the SAT? When can I take the SAT? The SAT is given once during each of these months. You can take the test as many times as you like, but it is most common for students to take the SAT twice: once at the end of their...

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If you choose to have your scores sent in the mail, be aware that it will take longer for you to receive your scores than if you accessed them online. What changes are being made to the SAT in ? The SAT will be getting a makeover starting in The...

Sat reading practice test 2 answers

Click the "Create Post" button or tap the "pencil" icon on mobile to ask a question or provide insight! Reading Test Answers. Practice Test Make time to take the practice test. Would it be a good idea to do the psat questions when preparing for the sat? Each of the redesigned assessments SAT Our highly educated and experienced tutors provide effective lessons that can be in-person or online, individual or small group, and cover a multitude of subjects in one session. Although I would prefer to have links to full PDF files of these exams, in some cases we have to settle for screenshots from the online QAS because no paper version is available. To score your test, use these instructions and the conversion tables and answer key at the end of this document. Although there are often Sunday versions of the tests that have their own QAS, Sunday testing is rare and is only used in case of religious exemptions, so I have left the Sunday and international versions off my list unless I happen to have a link to the QAS for that particular test.

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What are the best material to practice for PSAT? These tests are the absolute best ones to use for your SAT studies since they're the most similar to the test. The Pandemic is Widening the Achievement Gap. Choice A is the best answer. Any sincere questions, suggestions, criticisms, edits or exhortations, please email me directly at mcelroy post. Our mission is to provide quality instruction that is deliberately intertwined with learning and life skills so that our students grow into confident and independent lifelong learners who become competent and conscious leaders.

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Use the answer key to mark your responses on each section. Total the number of correct responses for each section: 3. Add the raw scores for sections 3 and 4. A Detail In lines 10—25, the author of Passage 1 discusses how farm subsidies are used both to lower food prices by subsidizing farmers when prices get too high, and to raise them by paying farmers to leave their land fallow when prices get too low. Although he disputes that these efforts to stabilize prices are worth the cost, he does indicate that they work. In the first paragraph of Passage 2 lines 60—73 , the author indicates that farm subsidies protect consumers from price spikes lines 69— Therefore, he regards the taxes line 15 we pay for these subsidies to be a worthwhile expenditure.

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D Inference In lines 8—9, the author of Passage 1 states that the report about corruption and incompetence in the U. D Textual Evidence As the explanation to question 4 explains, the evidence for this answer is found in the last paragraph, particularly lines 53— B Passage Comparison Although the author of Passage 1 does not think that the stabilization of commodity prices is worth the cost of higher taxes lines 19—25 , the author of Passage 2 indicates that price spikes line 69 can be devastating to both farmers and consumers.

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Choice B is incorrect because, although the author himself goes on to refute this misconception, the results of the poll do not. Rather, they confirm a general sentiment. Choice C is incorrect because the poll does not indicate any shift away from the discussion about the ineffectiveness of the U. Choice D is incorrect because the word Indeed line 40 indicates that this result is unsurprising to him. C Data Analysis The thesis of Passage 1 is that something is rotten down on the farm line 1 , namely, the fact that, in a recent seven-year period, the U. As the introduction to the passage indicates, this program takes money from taxpayers to help farmers to buy crop insurance, thereby providing direct entitlements not only to farmers but also to insurance companies.

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Choice A , the general decline in total farm subsidies from to , does not help the author make the point that these subsidies are a burden to American taxpayers. Similarly, choice B , the overall rate of change in commodity subsidies from to does not help his thesis, because after the first several years, the trend is generally downward.

sat practice test 2 pdf

Choice D , the sudden spike in disaster subsidies from to , also does not support his thesis, because he does not make any particular claims about the benefit of disaster subsidies. A Data Analysis The thesis of Passage 2 is that farm subsidies in the United States are vital line 61 and not as burdensome to American taxpayers as the critics claim lines 62— Therefore, the author of Passage 2 would most likely cite evidence that the total cost of the subsidies program is declining. A Cross-Textual Inference The author of Passage 1 indicates that we taxpayers will pay more in taxes than we will ever get back in lower corn or wheat prices lines 16—18 , thereby indicating that the benefit of lower prices line 85 is offset by its costs.

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Since the question asks us to find an appeal that is NOT also found in Passage 2, choice D is incorrect. D Tone and Characterization The narrator says that Reverend Jansen bent down in a cloud of Aqua Velva lines 5—6 and told her not to worry line He then describes to the narrator why God called [her] Korean parents home line All of these descriptions work together to portray someone who is acting in a condescending and patronizing manner to a young child.

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C Textual Evidence As the explanation to question 16 makes clear, the best evidence for the previous answer is in lines 48— A Literary Device The contrast between murder and Christmas and the Easter Bunny line 28 is a classic example of juxtaposition, the act of placing together two images with highly contrasting effects. D Interpretation The paragraph states that Christine begins her reply patiently line 36 , which might suggest that she is demonstrating motherly sympathy.

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The point of the paragraph is that Christine is not emotionally ready it makes me sad, line 40 to discuss something that her eight-year-old adopted daughter clearly wants to discuss, that is, she is emotionally immature. A Word in Context When the narrator states that Korea was the oddly charged word lines 44—45 , she means that it was a word that was never to be mentioned lines 45—46 , because it was associated with potentially negative feelings. That is, it was an emotionally loaded word. This is treatment appropriate to a pitiable embarrassment rather than a stern patriarch or noble hero. According to the narrator, the cheery smirk seemed to say Top that, Singapore! C General Purpose The passage as a whole describes the spectacular cyclorama line 9 that is known as the cosmic microwave background CMB radiation, a 13 billion year-old panoramic snapshot of the universe as it appeared the moment it first released its primordial photons lines 14— It then goes on to discuss the precise measurements that scientists have taken of this radiation and what they tell us about the early universe.

Choice D is incorrect because although the passage later indicates that the discovery of the CMB was somewhat accidental, the Cyclorama was not. D Interpretation The author indicates that to appreciate [the] full splendor[of the Cosmic Background Radiation], you would have to be able to see microwaves lines 11— D Specific Purpose The discussion in lines 23—28 concerns the emergence of the first photons light particles in the early universe. C Interpretation The moment a swaddled one-day-old opens its eyes lines 22—23 refers to the moment [the early universe] first released its primordial photons lines 17—18 which we now refer to as the cosmic microwave background radiation. The discussion in the next paragraph lines 24—36 explains that these early photons were previously trapped in an opaque fog of hydrogen plasma line Choices A and D are incorrect because this moment describes when the photons were released, not when they were first discovered by humans.

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Choice B is incorrect because these particles, as it is explained in the third paragraph, were released , years after the Big Bang. B Inference The passage states that Penzias and Wilson were initially troubled line 71 by the signals that turned out to be from the CMB radiation, and in fact mistakenly attributed them to pigeon droppings lines 74— This indicates that they were not looking for these signals, nor did they know how to interpret them.

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The work they did to receive the Nobel prize, therefore, was the result of an accidental discovery. B General Structure As the explanation of question 29 indicates, lines 72—75 indicate that Penzias and Wilson did not understand the nature of the signals they were receiving, atttributing them erroneously to pigeon droppings. D Data Analysis Figure 1 shows the blackbody spectrum for various temperatures, and compares these to the measurements taken of the cosmic microwave background, showing that the CMB radiation has a nearly perfect blackbody spectrum. B Word in Context Figure 2 shows a panoramic map of the cosmic background radiation, showing that it did not originate from just one point in space, but rather from every direction.

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B General Purpose The first paragraph states that the people have a right. In other words, they have the right to learn about who their leaders are and what they do. Choice A is incorrect because the right to pursue academic interests is discussed somewhat in the second paragraph Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write, line 33 but not in the first. Choice C is incorrect, because although Adams says that the art of printing should be encouraged line 28 , this is not the primary point of the paragraph. Rather, it is secondary to the point that citizens should be well informed. Choice D is incorrect because although the first passage mentions the right of citizens to revoke the authority line 13 of their leaders, it does not discuss the right of citizens to propose legislation themselves. A Word in Context The statement that the people have a right to revoke the authority that they themselves have deputed, and to constitute abler and better agents, attorneys and trustees lines 12—15 means that the people have the right to place in power better leaders to replace those whose authority has been revoked.

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D Interpretation The passage indicates that our forefathers endured physical deprivation in the form of the hunger, the nakedness, [and] the cold line 54 , political oppression in the form of domestic tyrants and usurpers lines 44—45 , and arduous physical labor in the form of the severe labors of clearing their grounds, building their houses, [and] raising their provisions lines 55— It does not mention, however, that they endured any feelings of despair.

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In fact, it says that they endured these with the hopes and expectations which constantly supported and carried them through all hardships with patience and resignation lines 60— A Interpretation The very first sentence states that all people have a desire to know line 5 , that is, a curious nature. Choice C is incorrect, because although the passage discusses the right of the people to revoke the authority of bad rulers, and mentions the inherent rights of mankind against foreign and domestic tyrants and usurpers lines 43—45 , it does not state specifically that the people have any dread of tyranny. Choice D is incorrect because the passage does not discuss thrift resourcefulness with money. A Textual Evidence As the explanation to question 36 explains, the best evidence for the previous answer is found in the very first sentence of the passage.

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C Interpretation The phrase every order and degree among the people line 34 refers to the entire society that Adams is addressing throughout the second paragraph. A Structural Comparison The second paragraph is characterized primarily by its use of the imperative mood: Let us dare … Let every order … Let them … Let us study … Let us read … Let us examine … These sentences therefore have a much more urgent and suggestive diction than do the sentences in the first paragraph. While the first paragraph is primarily descriptive of the rights of free citizens, the second is prescriptive of their corresponding duties. C Interpretation When Adams says Let us examine the nature of that power lines 50—51 he is referring to the cruel power that drove [our forefathers] from their homes line 52 , that is, the domestic tyrants line 44 that made it difficult for them to remain in their native countries.

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Clearly, then power refers to a despotic tyrannical agent. D Interpretation Although this paragraph does discuss the privations endured by our forefathers in the form of the hunger, the nakedness, [and]the cold line 54 and does implicitly warn against the dangerous posed by an ignorant populace because it strongly encourages us to read, think, speak, and write line 33 , this particular sentence is referring specifically to arbitrary kings and cruel priests line So the phrase the gates of earth and hell line 46 is referring to the brutality of oppressive leaders who persecute us in our worldly existence and about an otherworldly existence. A Purpose The sentence Let us read and recollect and impress upon our souls the views and ends of our own more immediate forefathers in exchanging their native country for a dreary, inhospitable wilderness lines 46—50 invites us to learn about the beliefs and motivations of our forefathers who came to America to escape oppression.

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In other words, Adams wants to remind the reader of the importance of liberty. C Specific Purpose The first paragraph characterizes the Southern Ocean as a foreboding place by evoking images of its chilly current lines 2—3 , the dangerous icebergs [that] hide in its gloom lines 4—5 , and the churning swells [that] sometimes serve up freak waves that can easily flip ships lines 5—6. C Interpretation Although many environmentalists may well regard fertilizer run-off from farm fields line 23 as an unfortunate by-product of farming, or an environmental hazard, the author here presents it as supplying some of the key nutritional elements line 21 for cyanobacteria.

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Therefore, it is apotential sustenance nourishment. Therefore, according to the author, this fertilization is a promising and feasible solution to a global problem. D Textual Evidence As the explanation to question 46 explains, the best evidence for this answer is found in lines 94— C Data Analysis Figure 1 depicts a satellite image of the largest recorded natural phytoplankton bloom in February , believed to have been caused by the addition of iron dust blown into the sea around Antarctica by strong offshore winds from the caption beneath Figure 1.

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Choice B cannot be correct, because the figure does not indicate anything about the relationship between algal bloom size and time of year. Choice D cannot be correct, because the figure does not contain any information about the relationship between bloom size and distance from the Antarctic ice shelves. Therefore, the death of the algal bloom described in lines 61—65 is vindication of his theory that iron fertilization can lead to carbon sequestration. C Inference The passage states that plankton serves as the base layer of the global food chain line 13 and therefore fertilizing phytoplankton with iron would promote blooms to help sea life thrive all the way up the food chain, even to whale populations lines 44— Therefore, iron fertilization helps the whale population by supporting an important food source for the whales.


D Interpretation The second to last paragraph lines 88—92 discusses a way to motivate further research into iron fertilization lines 89—90 therefore the route to broader acceptance of the practice lines 91—92 is a mode of persuasion. Choice A is incorrect because, although the research itself probably involves an experimental procedure, the route is not part of the research itself, but rather a means to gain support for that research.

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Choice B is incorrect because, although an appeal to the needs of commerce line 88 shows an appreciation for economic concerns, the route is not itself aneconomic difficulty. Choice C is incorrect because appealing to the needs of commerce is not an idealistic approach, but rather a pragmatic one. A Tone The last paragraph is sanguine hopeful about the potential for iron fertilization of the oceans to undo a great deal of the damage we have already done lines 98— Section 2: Writing and Language 1. C Idiom Although gerunds like hiking are often interchangeable with infinitives like to hike for instance, saying I like hiking is essentially the same as saying I like to hike , often the conventions of idiom dictate a preference for one form over the other in a particular context.

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In this case, the phrasegetting students to respond is proper idiom, whereas getting students responding is not proper idiom. Choice B uses an infinitive form, but the phrase to become responsive inappropriately changes the meaning of the sentence. A Subject-Verb Agreement The subject-verb core of this clause is explaining … is. Notice that this subject and verb agree in number, whereas choices B and D would introduce subject-verb disagreement. Choice C is not idiomatic, so the original phrasing is best.

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