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Ccma Exam Passing Score

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Keep track of questions to go back to on the paper provided. The four quadrants Patient interactions, scope of practice, standard of care, customer service I made up 4 R's to help myself with this: Reinforce- instructions or teachings prescribed by...

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Current students can take the exam no more than 30 days prior to graduation. Graduates must take the exam within 12 months of graduation. Category 3: You have previously passed the CMA certification exam and are applying for recertification. Note:...

What is the passing score for NHA CCMA?

What kinds of questions are on the medical assistant test? The Medical Assistant test has 3 categories. The general category consists of questions about psychology, communication, professionalism, medical ethics, and medical terminology. The administrative category consists of medical reception, scheduling appointments, practice finances, and medical business practices. The clinical category consists of anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, and various other topics. How do I pass CMA in first attempt? If you want to pass the CMA in your first attempt, you will need to put a lot of time in and study. One of the best ways to study is by taking free practice tests. Our free practice tests will help you learn the material in an efficient way.

What is a passing score for the CCMA exam?

If it seems complicated, that's because it is Our team of psychometricians work to ensure NHA certification exams accurately assess the competencies required for a candidate to perform career-related skills. Achieving an NHA certification shows employers they have the knowledge and skills to do the job, and certification holders often tell us that it boosts their confidence and pride knowing they are NHAcertified. Psychometrics: the branch of psychology concerned with the quantification and measurement of mental attributes, behavior, performance, and the like, as well as with the design, analyses, and improvement of the tests, questionnaires, and other instruments used in such measurement.

Medical Assistant Test Guide

If you want a crash course, our psychometricians have broken down a variety of factors that go into NHA's exam scoring for you in this post. Can you explain how NHA determines what a passing score is for certification exams? NHA determines the passing score also known as cut score using a psychometric procedure called standard setting. There are various standard setting methods to determine the passing score.

What score do you need to pass the CCMA exam?

NHA uses criterion-referenced standard setting, which means criteria is predetermined before students begin the test. SMEs who take the examination undergo training to help them judge whether a minimally competent person MCP can answer a question on the test correctly. If the SME determines they can, then a value of one is assigned on a rating sheet. The result of this calculation serves as the recommended cut score passing score for the exam. To help the SMEs make a good judgement on the difficulty of the test items or questions, the SMEs review each item's difficulty statistic after the initial cut score recommendation.

CMA, RMA, and CCMA Exams: Everything You Need to Know

This statistic is computed by calculating the percentage of people who answered an item correctly. After this concludes, the SMEs rate the items again and alter their ratings based on the item difficulty statistic shared with them. Ratings are averaged once again, and the new total serves as the recommended cut score. SMEs may elect to do this for a third and final time, or set the cut score based on these results.

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How can the test plan help you prepare for an exam? Anyone taking an NHA certification exam for the first time should begin by reviewing its test plan. A test plan or a test blueprint is a public document that testing programs publish to help guide candidates. A test plan usually identifies: Time allotted for taking the exam Types of questions on the exam Delivery method Tasks and knowledge statements associated with each domain Number and percentage of items on each domain Total number of exam questions On some exams, the number of items on each domain is the same and domains are equally weighted. On others, the number of items on the domains vary and the domains are not equally weighted. Preparing before exam day is key to doing well. Taking practice tests allows candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, a candidate who does not do well on a set of questions can review the questions and map them to the specific tasks or knowledge statements on the test plan, as well as identify the content area s where they need the most improvement.

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When a new test is available, it sometimes requires provisional scoring, which delays receiving results. What is provisional scoring? Why is it important? Provisional scoring, also called pilot scoring, is a task that bolsters the validity of a test. It is usually conducted after all questions, on a new exam, pass all content, editorial, and psychometric reviews and before a cut score study takes place on a test. Once all reviews are completed, a provisional test form is assembled. Prior to releasing the provisional test form, testing programs notify candidates that they will receive final results after the provisional scoring period is complete and the cut score study is conducted.

What percentage do you need to pass the NHA CCMA exam?

This often takes up to eight weeks. Provisional scoring is important because it allows psychometricians to examine performance and analyze the data to provide quantitative feedback to the test development team. The test development team summarizes this feedback and holds a meeting with a group of SMEs in order to review the items flagged for questionable performance. SMEs then review flagged items to confirm the content of the item, the correct response, and select the final set of scored items. What else should instructors or students know about scoring? The scoring method and scores are important to the validity of a certification examination. It's important to note that all NHA certification exams are scored using the same scoring method. Questions are scored as either correct or incorrect — a correct answer is assigned a score of one and an incorrect answer is assigned a score of zero.

Free CMA Medical Assistant Practice Tests [2021]

The decision to split to CMA Exam into two sections has partly to do with limiting overlapping content. Since the content specifically does not overlap, CMA candidates can take the exam parts in any order. Cognitive skills that will be tested include: Knowledge: Ability to remember previously learned material such as specific facts, criteria, techniques, principles, and procedures i. Comprehension: Ability to grasp and interpret the meaning of material i.

Understanding the CMA Exam Passing Score

Application: Ability to use learned material in new and concrete situations i. Analysis: Ability to break down material into its component parts so that its organizational structure can be understood; ability to recognize causal relationships, discriminate between behaviors, and identify elements that are relevant to the validation of a judgment i. Synthesis: Ability to put parts together to form a new whole or proposed set of operations; ability to relate ideas and formulate hypotheses i. Evaluation: Ability to judge the value of material for a given purpose on the basis of consistency, logical accuracy, and comparison to standards; ability to appraise judgments involved in the selection of a course of action i. The three levels of coverage are also defined. Level A: Requiring the skill levels of knowledge and comprehension. Level B: Requiring the skill levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis.

The Complete Guide to Medical Assistant Certification

Level C: Requiring all six skill levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation Each topic area on both parts of the CMA Exam requires up to a Level C, meaning that CMA candidates must be prepared to use all of the cognitive skills that ICMA outlines in every topic area of the exam. Candidates will see questions from all three levels, but having all six skill levels will prepare them to pass the CMA Exam. On the essay questions, points are awarded for each step the candidate makes towards the correct answer. That means there is a big opportunity for partial credit. Showing your work is an important part of answering essay questions.


Scaled scoring lets candidates know their performance in relation to the passing standard of Candidates will receive their performance reports from Prometric via email about two weeks after exam results are posted to their profiles. This report gives a breakdown of where candidates performed well and what areas the candidate needs to improve. First, figure out which of the two exam parts you want to take first and when you want to take it. Once you figure out those two details, you can start studying. Create a Study Plan — Before you delve into each topic and subtopic, create a plan that will help you to organize the amount of time you spend studying each section.

Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) Exam

That way you can allocate time appropriately to ensure that you cover all study materials and feel ready come exam day. Study with a Review Course — Everyone has a unique learning style, and you want to be sure that your CMA course works for your unique study needs. Surgent CMA Review is the only review course on the market that offers an estimate of what you would score if you were to sit for the CMA Exam at your current knowledge level. So what now? Just remember: You can resit any time — but you cannot sit for the exam again within the same testing period. Exam Prep.

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A score of or higher are considered passing scores. Anatomy and Physiology. Patient Care Coordination and Education. Administrative Assisting. Medical Law and Ethics. You've been working hard and studying even harder. Now it's time to take your clinical medical assistant certification CCMA exam. Once you pass the CCMA exam, you'll be a certified clinical medical assistant, which means you'll be much better prepared and updated on field requirements than other job applicants.

Nha Ccma Exam Passing Score Coupon

Read thoroughly and highlight so that you can go back and read over important parts quickly. Do all the quizzes in the back and highlight everything you get wrong. Watch videos for all of them: all CLIA-waived tests, all ways of taking blood capillary, venipuncture , injections, allergy tests, and the methods for each age group. Forget about the numerical values you learned from your textbook. Know vitamins and minerals, what foods you can get them from, and their purpose spend time sparingly on this because it will only be one or two questions. For example: Would you get more fiber from fruit or cereal?

How to Prepare for the NHA CCMA Test

What kind of doctor treats xyz disease? What pathogen causes each disease, its type fungal, bacterial, parasitic, viral , how it is transmitted contact, bloodborne, airborne , what PPE you would need, and its symptoms. Know your medical terminology to figure out if a given surgery is a removal of, creation of, etc. Use your medical terminology to describe a disease given the meaning of its suffix and prefix. Do you know what a suffix and prefix is? What supplies would you need for a test or procedure? For example: suturing, removal of sutures, CLIA waived tests, cryosurgery, and physical exam. What are the different kinds of tools for surgical procedures e. What position to be in for every procedure and in what circumstances do you change into what position e.

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For example: Pancreas digestion and endocrine , Thymus endocrine and immune. When vitals are bad normal vs critical values. How to give CPR, how many compressions, breaths, etc. Know where the letterhead, date formatted January 1, , inside address, salutation, body, complimentary close, and signature block goes on each and how much spacing is in between. Know the exact purpose of ICD vs CPT, modifiers, fraud, and how many letters and alphanumeric items are present in each place. Upcoding code creep, overbilling, overcoding , bundled coding, usual fee, customary fee, reasonable fee, capitation, category I, II, III codes, and phantom billing.

What is the passing score for Nha CPT?

Who do you report to for fraud? Who do you report to for unsecured PHI? Who governs both? This is just the bare minimum for what you should know with admin! Know their color and where they go. Which ones are unipolar, bipolar, and precordial? Know all the arrythmias and in what circumstances they happen. Know how to get HR from a EKG strip The Method: Count the number of small boxes between two successive R waves and divide this number into to obtain heart rate If that is too hard, try this video instead. Chain of Infection Drug testing, DNA paternity testing, what that is called and special precautions Study the administrative section. Questions tend to be random and not all the information can be found in the NHA Study Guide for this particular section. Write down everything you learn from practice questions.

Pass Your Medical Assisting Certification With These Tactics

Know different organizations and their target population. At what age and how often are routine exams done? RACE: Rescue all patients, visitors, employees, staff and volunteers from immediate danger. Alarm by pulling the closest fire pull-station and by dialing or 77 or in offcampus and leased facilities and reporting the location of the fire. Confine the area by closing all doors. Extinguish the fire if the fire is small use P. Evacuate patients from the area if instructed to do so by fire officials or hospital leadership. What organization governs emergencies?

A Look at How Our Certification Exams Are Scored, Straight From the Brains Behind the System

What is the passing score for the CBCS exam? Read remaining answer here. Hereof, how many questions are on the Cbcs? You will need a scaled score of to pass the exam NHA score scale: Regarding this, how should you prepare for the NHA certification exam? Study the right material. Materials based on the actual exams help you focus your study efforts. Engaging, rich media instructional lessons, practice drills, and case study videos. You've been working hard and studying even harder. Once you pass the CCMA exam, you'll be a certified clinical medical assistant, which means you'll be much better prepared and updated on field requirements than other job applicants.

Nha Ccma Exam Passing Score

The combination of these two are under CBCS system where you get grade point of the subjects in your result. Can you take the CPC exam online? Study guide books and online practice exams are available.

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No formal education is required to become a certified medical assistant. All that is required is a high school diploma or equivalent. Take our Certified Medical Assistant practice test to be prepared for this exam. CMA Flashcards Eligibility and required documentation To be eligible to sit for the CMA exam, the candidate must be in one of the following three categories: Category 1: Completing student or recent graduate of an accredited medical assisting program.

What is the passing score for the CBCS exam?

The CMA certification exam can be taken no earlier than 30 days of completing education, or The exam is taken within 12 months of graduation. Your program director is required to verify your program completion. Category 2: A non-recent greater than 12 months since graduation graduate of an accredited medical assisting program. Must submit an official transcript from an accredited medical assisting program.

What Is the NHA CCMA Exam & How Do You Prepare Students for It?

Category 3: Recertifying candidate. Five major organizations offer a medical assistant certification exam. Learn about each medical assistant certification option. CMA Test Design This exam consists of multiple choice questions administered in four minute segments. The categories questions are pulled from are: General: 50 questions Clinical: 85 questions Scheduling permit, registration, and cost Before you can register for the exam, you must obtain an exam scheduling permit.

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